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Open Access week

Na próxima semana de 18 a 24 de outubro o mundo estará celebrando a semana do Open Access, ou seja a semana do acesso livre. Barbara Kisop pediu-me que enviasse uma pequena história sobre o acesso livre no Brasil, então, enviei a histórinha abaixo:

The Open Access movement allowed Brazil to develop some important initiatives to registry and disseminate the national scientific production.
Since 2005 we have advocated in scientific events and meetings the necessity of universities and research centers build their Institutional Repositories.

In September 2005 me and Dra. Sely Costa, researcher from Brasilia University, set up the Brazilian Manifesto in support to Open Access Movement through a videoconference with many important authorities from the Brazilian scientific community.

In April 2007 we encouraged and convinced the congressman Rodrigo Rollemberg to submit a bill in the House of Representatives making mandatory to public universities and research centers the deposit of their research’s results supported by public funds in their institutional repositories. This bill was discussed in three commissions but was not approved yet by the House of Representatives.

Our greatest difficulty is to sensitize all segments of the scientific community about the importance of Open Access initiatives. But the important thing is that many institutional repositories are now working and so many mandates was established in the public universities and research centers.

What I would say is that the open access initiatives can serve as a basis for establishing a national policy for scientific information. And this is part of the bill submitted to our House of Representatives. This bill was call of PL 1120/2007.

Finally, I think today the OA initiatives are discussed, studied and researched by many people in Brazil, the result of this is not immediate. But, soon I hope to hear the results of this little story.


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