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DSpace 1.4: a mais nova versão

Veja o anúncio da mais recente versão do DSpace:

Posted By: rrodgers
Date: 2006-07-26 11:02
Summary: DSpace 1.4 Released

The DSpace committers are happy to announce the release of DSpace 1.4. In addition to a variety of exciting new features developed by members of the DSpace community, this stable release contains important improvements in security and performance. For this reason, we strongly encourage upgrading to 1.4 as soon as it is practical.

If extensive customization or other reasons make this difficult, we advise you to contact the DSpace tech list for recommendations on how to bolster the security of your installation.

A sampling of new features:
* Content verification through periodic checksum checking
* Support for branded preview image
* Add/replace Creative Commons in ‘edit item’ tool
* Customisable item listing columns and browse indices
* Script for updating handle prefixes (e.g. for moving from development to production)
* Configurable boolean search operator
* Controlled vocabulary patch to provide search on classification terms, and addition of terms during submission.
* Add ‘visibility’ element to input-forms.xml
* Browse by subject feature
* Log4J enhancement to use XML configuration
* QueryArgs class can support any number of fields in advanced search.
* Community names no longer have to be unique
* Enhanced Windows support
* Support for multiple (flat) metadata schemas
* Suggest an item page
* RSS Feeds
* Stackable authentication methods
* Plug-in manager
* Pluggable SIP/DIP support and metadata crosswalks
* Nested groups of e-people
* Expose METS and MPEG-21 DIDL DIPs via OAI-PMH
* Configurable Lucene search analyzer (e.g. for Chinese metadata)
* Support for SMTP servers requiring authentication

The documentation for this release is bundled within the package.

DSpace 1.4 can be downloaded from the files area at or from CVS using the tag dspace-1_4.

Please use the mailing lists available at to provide feedback on this release.


O Ibict já está trabalhando na customização dessa versão para a língua portuguesa e espera em breve tornar disponível essa nova versão em seu site para download.


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  1. Pela inclusão dos RSS Feeds já valeria muito a pena atualizar. Estou fazendo o download.

    Comentário por Fabiano Caruso | julho 30, 2006 | Responder

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