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Herbert Gruttemeier, The way to Open Access : French strategies to
move forward, Library and Information Service (Tushu Qingbao Gongzuo),
50, 1 (2006) pp. 27-33.

Abstract: In France, the movement in favour of open access to
scientific research output is getting increasingly coordinated
and supported at the political level. The CNRS, leading research
organization in Europe and signatory of the Berlin Declaration,
has an evident strategic role to play in this development. Various
initiatives that have emerged in the French academic world in recent
years have led, for example, in early 2005 to the joint announcement,
by four major research institutions, of a common policy to promote
open access to published material and other types of digital
resources, and to set up institutional archives. The article
highlights some key issues of this policy, gives an overview of
the current and past CNRS involvement in Open Access and describes
the principal functions, as well as the related challenges, of the
future institutional repositories.


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